Dinner Plate DIY !!! / by sonja rasula

Whether a small DIY affair or a lavish over-the-top wedding, thoughtful, personal touches to make guests feel special are always a welcomed addition to any event! Here we have outlined one very simple idea that can be as cheap or expensive as you’d like to make it - depending on the dishware.  This is not only perfect for a wedding, but also for Holidays or intimate dinner parties with friends!  

Seeing their name on the actual plate versus the usual place card will automatically make guests feel special and extra taken care of and is a simple way to create a wow factor when everyone sits down to dinner.  It is much more exciting than a name tag and they will be impressed and touched that you went to all of that trouble, even if it was just as easy as writing it on a place card they don’t need to know that!   Plus - you can kill two birds with one stone as then you eliminate the need for a place card and if you want to add even more bang for your DIY buck the plate can also serve, pun intended!, as the favor to take home!  This obviously works best if you either choose to personalize a charger or larger plate that you don’t use, but if you don’t want to spend extra money for a dish you are not using, the dishes can just be washed after dinner and guests can pick them up as they leave!  

Even though this may appear to be more expensive than a traditional place card, hiring calligraphers and nice card stock can end up costing you a ton only to have a crumpled up place card that people end up throwing away or losing, but if you or a friend does the writing on the plate, you may end up saving money and people have a nice keepsake that they can put to good use after!  Even more importantly, you are limiting waste and paper as these you will need to use a plate no matter what at the wedding or event and will continue to be used after!  You can even up the personalization ante by putting nicknames or “Mother of the Bride” etc.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Plate of your choosing - can be any size, color, shape!  

  2. Sharpies  - again, any color of your choosing, we personally think the metallic gold and silver look best, especially for a wedding!  Just make sure the pens you are using are oil based works best as it helps the paint stay longer.

That’s it!

Step 1:

Make a plan of how you want to write the name and any decorations you want to add, we just did simple dots in our example. Figure out the overall “look,” aesthetic you want to create to set the tone for your table.  It’s good to practice on paper first!  


Step 2:

To create a straight line to write on put tape directly under where you would like the name to be.  Make sure to position the name as far to the outside of the plate as possible so that the paint from the pens doesn’t get into the food.  (Not sure you want to be eating this stuff guys)!

Step 3:

Write your name and design!  Don’t worry about it being perfect - that’s part of the fun and personality of it all!

Step 4:

Place your plates in the oven before turning it on.  Then turn the oven to 450 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. 

Step 5:

Let Cool and start plating!