COASTER DIY!! / by sonja rasula

Whether looking for a unique wedding favor or a personalized gift - coasters are the perfect cheap and easy DIY that everyone can use and even the most DIY-impaired can make!  You just need the right tools!  You can make them as complicated or as basic as you want.  Here we kept them very simple and opted for a geometric design using tape to make it even easier!  We used Martha Stewart Crafts Satin Paint and some cork coasters that you can get at any craft store, then you just need some tape - thin or thick depending on your design - and some scissors. 

1. First we planned out our design.

2. Using skinny tape we mapped out the design, diving the coasters into different geometrical sections, making sure to tape along the sides onto the back as well.

3. With our designs all ready to go we chose the color of paints we wanted to use and put them on a palette or plate.


4. Start painting!! 

Make sure to paint onto the sides as well!  Keep in mind you can also use things like stamps or cut shapes out with an exact knife to take your design even further or include names or your wedding date to make it more personalized!

5. Let them dry.  Will vary depending on how much paint you use.

6.  Once dry, peel the tape off to reveal your design!

And VOILA you are done!!!  And left with some RAD coasters! 

If giving as a gift you can tie up the set with some leather string!  Now...I think you deserve a cocktail to go on this coaster!  CHEERS!